three times colour

hello sweethearts!
i would like to thank all of you who are interested in the giveaway and are taking place. i'm so happy! today i'll buy some more nice things for it. Yay! to all of you who didn't take place yet - you have time until the 11th of August. Just have a look at my last post there you'll find all the information you need.
i'm also working on some more accessories. they are so nice! i'll post some pictures as soon as they are done.

again i'd like to remind you of the poll on the right. it would be so sweet of you if you would take place!

for this look i used light and dark purple, pink, white and lime green eyeshadow, purple and black eyeliner, black mascara and false eyelashes.



Sherry said...

pretty color, love them.

Maria G. said...

Hello!! i didnt know your blog but I wanted to tell you that I love the eyeshadows you make, so original!! love them! ive added you to my fave make up blogs list, i'll keep on reading you, kisses!

Aralka said...

great! g r e a t!