butterfly effect

hello darlings! how are you today? i hope you are all well! yesterday i wanted to make a video to draw the winner of my giveaway so i did my make-up and everything just to find out that the microphone on my pc isn't properly working. really not good at all and that's why i won't be able to post video tutorials in a bit but as soon as i have my old camera back i will start doing tutorials for all looks i've done so far. this look was the one i was wearing yesterday for the video.

for this look i used yellow, green, turquoise, pink and purple eyeshadow, black eyeliner, black mascara and false eyelashes.



Hachii said...

ahh soo vibrant and sparkly!
the best things in life!

iv blogged about my charm necklace on my crafty blog if you wanna go check that out!
cant wait for the tutorials!1

kalai said...

so shimmery~^^ your eye makeup is always so perfect! i cant wait to see the tutorials! xox

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

what kind of false eyelashes do you use? In every post they look perfect!

Jackie said...

that is so pretty. i love the rainbow look.

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