candy floss

hey hunnies. tomorrow is THE day. i'll move into my own flat. i am so excited! it will be all beautiful (as soon as i painted the walls) and i will start a new life! bad thing is that i won't have internet for the next few weeks i think. so please surprise me with a lot of contest entries while i'm away. remember you can win a dress!

for this look i used apricot, purple, yellow and pink eyeshadow, purple eyeliner and black mascara.



Aralka said...

I really like this make-up. delicate and nice.

Marce said...

Hey Kamy! Gorgeous look, really sof, pretty and delicate. Good luck with the move, hope to see posts soon!

Angela said...

wow the look is really pretty


kalai said...

i love the lilac..so beautifully subtle.x